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In Bloom

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Kimono: H&M | Tank: AA | Shoes: Deena & Ozzy | Hat: Dark Seas Clothing

Shedding off this winter paleness has become an everyday struggle, but good things take time and I need to ready myself for my favourite season - summer, aka shorts and tank weather.
The summer sun makes me lazy, and what's easier than pairing a black body suit tank with jean shorts... oh oh tee dee yo. Speaking of simplicity, American Apparel is my favourite brand for the season (or for every season...) - simple crops and body suits that you can incorporate into literally any outfit, bless.

Also please take a moment to admire my go-to pair of sandal pumps. Oh my gaaaaaad I seriously cannot begin to explain how comfortable they are - not to mention it adds an edgy flare to my outfits.

The weather is a little up and down at the moment, but I have a good feeling about the upcoming days. I can't wait for it to be beautiful everyday ~

ex oh ex oh,

fashion blog

fashion blog
fashion blog

fashion blog

Vest: Wilfred | Top: Zara | Jeans: AE | Flats: Crown Vintage | Bag: Beracamy Paris

So far, the weather has been pretty bipolar. About 80% of the time it's raining, and the other 20% involves weather that is either burning hot, slightly too cool, or humid, which is the absolute worst. I've been trying to soak up as much sun as possible in order to get a little colour on my skin (can ya tell? probably not). This white Wilfred vest is one of my new favourite purchases that I know will be a perfect contrast against my soon-to-be tan. It's a bright, clean-cut piece with a crisp feeling to it that is perfect for summer layering. 

If you didn't notice, I'm also sporting another new purchase - my beautiful bright pink Beracamy shoulder bag. It is amaaaaazing, to say the least. The chain should strap is intertwined with a soft strip of red leather, and the fuchsia calf-hair flap makes a bold, yet surprisingly sophisticated, statement. If you can't tell, I'm in love. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to check out our blog.

Much love,

Meet Kevin

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hey friends,

Our blog's philosophy has always been to bring you guys an array of styles as exhibited by our completely different taste in fashion. This month we decided to do something different; we decided to establish a new monthly series featuring some of our friends in order to bring even greater diversity to our blog.


This month, meet Kevin Watts.

Aside from being a biomed student at Western, Kevin also has a strong interest in clothing and individual style.

Q: Who are your main style icons?
A: ASAP Rocky and Kid Cudi

Q: How would you best describe your style?
A: My style is clean, and minimalist. Street style, but more like luxury street style. Not just Supreme - designer, but not a brand whore. I also hate colours, I only fuck with shades.

Q: Why is fashion important to you?
A: It's like wearable art. I'm really into art - but not that good at painting. I like being different. It's refreshing to see people wear different shit.

Jeans: Nudie, Hoodie: Robert Geller, Jacket: Barbour

Spring Forward

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hey everyone, we're still alive, no one worry.
With school quickly coming to an end, we've been dividing all our time between job applications/interviews and staying on top of school. But spring decided to bless us with some sunlight and warm weather, so we couldn't resist taking advantage.


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Mint Jacket: Nasty Gal, Black Jacket: Babaton, Pants: Talula, Top: American Apparel,
Necklaces: H&M + Jcrew, Bag: Zara, Rings: H&M, Sunglasses: Shop Ruche

Spring has been a long time coming, and now that the weather is finally warming up I couldn't be happier. I am more than ready to pack away the heavy clothing, with my dresses and sandals on standby. Lately, I've really been enjoying trousers/joggers, cuffed at the ankle. They're a great transition piece from winter to springtime, as they cover quite a bit of leg but are also thinner and more lightweight. The pair that I'm wearing, from Aritzia, are my absolute favourite; they're the perfect combination of loose and slim fit. I know my wardrobe seems entirely monochromatic, but as the weather warms up you'll definitely see me sporting more colour and prints.

Until next time,
Steph xx

Shoes: YRU, Necklace: Zara, Clutch: AA, Sunglasses: UO

Decided to celebrate this blessed weather by going BIG. Sporting my bug-eyed sunnies, my favourite statement necklace and my brand new creepers that I've been waiting forever to wear. I love pairing big chunky accessories with simple staple pieces like my boho pants and black tank. 
Super stoked that summer is on its way - I'm looking a little pale, some more sunlight would do me some good. 
Ps. Good luck on finals everyone! Can't believe I'm almost half done university... crazy. 

much love forever and ever,
Jaein M

Life & Style: February Issue

Thursday, 27 February 2014

We know that we've been MIA, but here is a quick snapshot of our "February Ready Lipwear" article in this month's publication of Life&Style. Life&Style is Western's Fashion & Lifestyle Society's monthly newsletter, which has been garnering a lot of attention this year (it also just so happens to be co-edited by Steph). Our blog tries to write content for the publication as often as possible, but sometimes with school and work, creating even the shortest content becomes extremely difficult.

Check it out below:

Check out the remainder of the issue at: http://www.issuu.com/flsnewsletter

We'll be back soon!

Much Love,
Steph & Jaein

School Daze

Friday, 31 January 2014

Jacket: Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat,  Turtleneck: Zara, Necklace: UO, Scarf: Wilfred,
Jeggings: Zara, Boots: Etienne Aigner

I am already undergoing mental preparation in anticipation of February's arrival. There's no need for me to provide an explanation, because I'm sure most of you are going through the same anxiety, which school can be thanked for. In combination with London's ground-breaking weather (quite literally, considering the December 'ice-quake'), I've been extremely reluctant to leave my warm and safe apartment to face the harsh realities of my surroundings. Forcing myself to look even decent is pretty hard nowadays, and I've been hiding my face in the warmth of my huge, blanket scarves and thick knits.

Hopefully by the time that we return from reading week, Mother Nature will be feeling a little nicer and provide us with warm enough weather for me to put away my boring, black boots--for good. As much as I loved them at the beginning of winter, I am more than ready to move on and start sporting some of my beautiful, new shoes. I've also been wearing these matte, leather jeggings from Zara a lot--maybe too much. They are one of my thickest pair of pants, and they go great with everything in my closet. 

I'm really hoping the weather lets up, even just a little. I'm also really hoping that school lets up, but obviously there's no such luck. In the mean time, I have online shopping to keep my spirits up and my bank account down. 

We all have to make sacrifices, right? 

Much love,


Shoes: Nike, Trousers: Zara, Lipstick: Joe Fresh

I feel like I complain about this all the time, but school, please stop... I can't escape all this work and leisure time is so rare nowadays. Not to mention that all my friends are equally (if not more) stressed out than I am, which leaves me with zero friends, yay! 99% of my life is spent on campus, so obviously our photoshoot location was a random hallway, our BTS filled with just our backpacks, jackets and miscellaneous students walking to and from classes.

Besides being upset about school, one thing that makes me happy is my crewneck, which took copious hours of my life to find via the internet. My sweater understands my feels... I felt the sweater might have been a little aggressive, so I paired it with a pair of dark-floral trouser pants. And to keep my overall look more casual, my Nike wedge sneakers came out to play, which is cool cause they don't really see the light of day with all this snow.
Ps. Joe Fresh lipstick is the most underrated cosmetic that I own. It comes in the best colours, it's matte, and super affordable. Go check it out homies.

Life is hard, but I keep at it for the cute shoes. 

London Coat Edition

Friday, 24 January 2014

Jacket: Zara, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Top: Brandy Melville, Lipstick: Kat Von D

Hey friends, so far it seems the only thing that 2014 has brought us is extremely cold weather. As much as I hate the cold, the chilly weather gives me an opportunity to sport my favourite winter pieces - knee high boots, beanies with pom-poms and overwhelmingly, big scarves. This also includes my jacket from Zara, that I am obviously in love with. The best part about the jacket is the fur-lining, which is on-point with the fur fad going on (not to mention it keeps me super warm and cozy). 

I know the cold makes it hard for us to live our lives (drama queen, hi) but if you wear enough layers and your scarf covers enough of your face, I think we'll all survive .... maybe.



Jacket: UO, Sweater: Zara, Pants: H&M, Boots: Zara, Hat: UO, Lipstick: MAC Diva

I've begun to grow a serious disdain for the snow----fuzzy holiday feelings in relation to the cold can only last for so long. Unlike Jaein, many of my favourite Winter pieces are left defenceless against London Winters. My practical, go-to boots become my Hunters, similarly as my practical, go-to jacket becomes my parka. The colder days have left me feelings quite moody, clearly reflected in my constant stylistic choices to sport all black. 

A favourite from my newly assembled Winter closet is this entirely appropriate black "Teddy Bomber Jacket" from UO. It's no comparison in practicality to my Aritzia parka, but on those rare-few warmer days where the temperature is a close zero degrees, I am more than ready to pull this number out. And while this post may be a close-up feature of my new jacket, I can't go without putting in a good word about my semi-new favourite booties from Zara, which feature an amazing matted, scale detailing. 

Warm hugs,

Sum - ming up ...

Monday, 20 January 2014

We're back from our Winter break, and welcoming 2014 with open arms. The weather has been at extremes in the past couple of days, but we're feeling good after some "me-time" spent appropriately devouring loads of home-cooked meals. Before we start of with anything new, we just wanted to look back on TWOSUM's very first year in the blog-mosphere (rhyme unintended).

Here's a breakdown of our top four most viewed posts:

1. "Meet Us" - Our initial post introducing who we are (Steph & Jaein) for the online world to read. The process of getting to this single post was long and slightly stressful, but we couldn't have been happier to reveal our new baby. We learnt the hard way, after taking these photos, how awkward it can be to photograph in public, and how difficult it is to look "casual" like other bloggers do .....

2. "Fall Back" - We spent our first summer as a blog pretty busy with work and other life-related stuff, so our second real lookbook post after 'Meet Us' was essentially a nod to the Summer gone, and a peek-ahead at the Fall to come. This was our first post and photo session that we had done on Western's Campus, and we tried really hard to find the least busy spot in order to attract the least amount of attention we could (there basically isn't a spot that exists like the one I'm describing).

3. "And then there was snow" - We were really lucky with this post, and were able to take these photos literally the day before a huge snowstorm dropped on London. So yes, it looks pretty warm ... but no, it was really cold.

4. "Cold Weather Blues" - These photos are probably some of our favourites on the blog. The setting sun made our outfits pretty difficult to see, but we really love the mood of these photos. The title in itself perfectly captures how we were feeling about school, our lives and the weather. Finals were coming up, so we were just about stressed out of our minds.


If you didn't catch it yourself, the title is supposed to be a pun-ny play on our blog name. We hoped you got a good read out of this post, as 2013 has been a really big year for the both of us. We wouldn't have the motivation to continue writing our posts (especially with school), if it weren't for the love that all our friends showed us. So cheers everyone, in hoping that you're all are having a great start to the new year.

Much love,
Steph & Jaein